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Health System Specialty Pharmacy: 5 Trends to Watch in 2023

Over the past several years, health system specialty pharmacy (HSSP) growth has been record-breaking. HSSP experts and industry veterans, Brandon Newman, PharmD, MMHC, CSP, and Jessica Mourani, PharmD, recently sat down with Becker’s Healthcare to break down the trend and explain why leaders will continue to invest in growth.

Here are five key takeaways from their conversation:

  1. HSSPs are growth drivers. Hospital and health system leaders are investing in HSSP growth because the services directly support organizational goals such as improving patient care experiences and outcomes, which contribute to growth.

  2. HSSP growth can be challenging without the right partner. Many health systems are eager to grow HSSPs, but often have a difficult time bringing together the right staff, technology, and resources to scale. Partners can be growth catalysts.

  3. The top focus for HSSPs in 2023: Investing in clinical performance measurement. The most pressing challenge for hospitals and health systems is measuring clinical performance to demonstrate value. This year, HSSPs are prioritizing outcomes measurement improvement strategies.

  4. Clinical outcomes measurement advancements are accelerating. Across conditions, specialty pharmacy teams are making breakthroughs in measuring specialty pharmacy success. Notable achievements have been made this year in the autoimmune, oncology, diabetes, and asthma spaces this year.

  5. Our experts have helped many HSSPs demonstrate value to power growth. Many health systems are eager to grow HSSPs, but it often can be difficult to bring together the right staff, technology, and resources to scale the service. The right partner can be a growth catalyst. See our 2023 Patient Impact Report for all the highlights and inspiration for your own growth journey.

Tune in to hear the full conversation here: Becker’s podcast.

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